We do offer DMR & NEXEDGE for the professional user.

Small point-to-point, trunked, or even remote IP controlled.



KENWOOD NX320-E2 / NX220-E2

Certainly the most popular NEXEDGE portable.

His display allows you to receive paging or alarm messages.

As all the NX-portables, it is equipped with the usual LONEWORKER features.

The 320 is a UHF version, and the 220 stands for the VHF version.

It can be programmed with Digital as well as Analogue channels.

KENWOOD NX320-E3 / NX220-E3

NX320 UHF / NX220 VHF

NO Display

Power : 0.1 - 4 watt


16 channels

Nexedge and/or Analogue


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